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Images feature campus life

Story by Bates College March 28th, 2015

Yes, we tromped and slid through the Blizzard of 2015 last week.

Sure, it snowed the day before yesterday, and will snow again tomorrow. But winter is a glorious time, and these pictures prove it.

Leaving Pettigrew after class, students head down Alumni Walk toward Commons for lunch.



Despite snow and cold, the sun also rises. Proof is in the picture.



(Top) During the Jan. 27 blizzard, swimmers Will Patton ‘15 Asheville, N.C., and Lindsey Prelgovisk ‘16 of Oakland, Maine, make snow angels before practice. (Center) “I consider myself a fairly tough Mainer but even with bundling up this morning, it seems like I was no match for today’s blizzard,” says Sarah Stanley ’16 of Springvale, Maine. (Bottom) After their Puddle Jump, friends exit Lake Andrews on their way to a warm bonfire.


The arts Crawl

(Top) During an Arts Crawl gallery talk, studio art major Hannah McGrath ‘15 of Longmeadow, Mass., explains the techniques and process used by a fellow member of her thesis group, Ayse Ikizler ‘15 of Nashville, to create the painting seen at left. Center, Left) Jeremy Glover ‘17 of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, plays the violin in the Olin Concert Hall during the Arts Crawl.
(Center Right)
Senior art majors personalize their thesis studio space. A drum performance in Schaeffer Theatre during the Arts Crawl features, from left, Katie Morse ‘17 of Machias, Maine, Jonathan Pelz ‘16 of New York City and Kiyona Mizuno ‘18 of San Francisco. (Four photographs by Max Huang ‘18 for Bates College)


MUsic, monolgue and measure

(Top) Patrick Nelson ‘18 of Darien, Conn., sings with The Remedy in Memorial Commons during the 2015 Arts Crawl. (Bottom Left) Sam James ‘17 of Raleigh, N.C., performs a monologue from “The Foreigner“ in Memorial Commons during the Arts Crawl. (Bottom Right) Marissa Phoenix ’15 of Brooklyn, N.Y., joins a collaborative drawing project in Chase Hall with Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy William Seeley during the Arts Crawl.



Each clear evening when he‘s teaching his lunar and planetary science course, Gene Clough spends an hour or so outside, inviting students and other passersby to stargaze with him and his Cassegrain telescope.


FROM all four sides

(Top) Upgrades to the college’s off-campus Squash Center include a new exhibition court affording spectator viewing on four sides. Project donors attending the dedication were (at left) Marty and Nanny Cannon P’15, P‘19 and Avery and Allison Bourke P‘15; and (at right) Kim and Walter Cabot Sr. P‘11, P‘13, P‘17. Donor and Bates trustee Chris Gorayeb ‘80, not shown, joined their support. President Clayton Spencer and head coach Pat Cosquer ‘97 cut the ribbon. (Rene Minnis for Bates College) (Bottom left) Nina Davenport ‘18 of Freeport, Maine, battles for a rebound during first-half action vs. Trinity. (Bottom Right)
Guard Justin Zukowski ‘18 of Portland, Maine, drives for a layup during the Bobcats‘ 74-66 win over Wesleyan.
150113_Squash_court_dedication 168.jpg

Martin luther king jr. day

(Top)Martin Luther King Jr. Day keynote speaker Peniel Joseph talks with President Clayton Spencer and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty Matt Auer. (Bottom) Rakiya Mohamed ‘17 of Auburn, Maine, delivers an excerpt from Malcolm X‘s 1964 speech “Ballot or the Bullet“ during Sankofa‘s MLK Day performance in Schaeffer Theatre.


The liberal arts

(Top) Illuminated by a projected image, Associate Professor of Chemistry Matthew Cote appears to be an amalgam of humanity and technology as he talks with trustees about the college‘s new state-of-the-art confocal microscope. (Middle Left) History students examine prints by photographer Berenice Abbott in the Museum of Art as they learn how to use material objects as historical sources. From left, Logan Pettinato ’16 of Massapequa, N.Y., Dani Klein ’17 of Williston, Vt., and Harrison Brown ’17 of Mount Kisco, N.Y. (Middle Right) Biology professor Larissa Williams gives the college‘s new confocal microscope a workout as her advisees, seniors Minh-Tam Pham of Ho Chi Minh City (far left) and Kathleen Morrill of Frederick, Md., watch. (Bottom) Major players in the international realm of online business, JP Maheu of Twitter (left) and George Gallate of RKG share advice during their Purposeful Work Unplugged appearance. Above all, they agree, be your authentic self in the search for purposeful work.



A vivid sunset on the Historic Quad marks the end of the day. By mid-month Maine has regained two hours of daylight.
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